Join us for a tube ride time warp back to 2017 season in French Polynesia. Sail Surf ROAM Ep 25

In this episode we take you on a journey with us sailing from French Polynesia, Aitutaki in the cook islands arriving in Tonga. A highlight reel to the second half of our 2017 South Pacific Season in the beautiful Pacific. This place is AMAZING,!!!! Perfect Even! We only had 3 months but this was long enough for French Polynesia to win our hearts. As well as fit in all the essentials of a SSR adventure. Epic Surf, Breathtaking inland Hikes to beautiful waterfalls, perfect anchorages and most importantly let the environment and culture change us for the better. This is why we are heading BACK this season 2018 with long stay visas. This is the second half of this trip and we are stoked to be able to share it with friends old and new both on board and via the internet.

Friends, Family and Sailing Tropical French Polynesia! Sail Surf ROAM Ep 24

This is the highlight reel to the first half of our 2017 South Pacific Season in French Polynesia. This place is AMAZING!!!! We only had 3 months but managed to fit in all the essentials of a SSR adventure. Epic Surf, Breathtaking inland Hikes to beautiful waterfalls, perfect anchorages and most importantly let the environment and culture change us for the better. This is the first half of this trip and we are stoked to be able to share it with friends old and new both onboard and via the internet. Cheers Mick and Liss

Episode 23 is quite different for a SSR clip.  Our new friend Bobby joins us for our biggest sail yet from New Zealand to Tahiti.  He uses the opportunity make a video about what its like for us to live and sail full time as a couple on a sailboat.  

Liss and I would like to thank Bobby for sailing with us and making a video of something that we could never have done ourselves.  Too shy!!   

Episode 22 We take our edit back to our video editing roots. Action based clip with good tunes. Let the pictures tell the story.

The Northlands of New Zealand has endless options for adventure and we hope this clip shows just a little of how beautiful the place is and how much fun we had checking it out.

Episode 21 Part B sees Mick and Liss sailing double handed across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. The 2nd half of the video is a boat tour look at the works we did on ROAM over the summer at home. Check out the deck hatch and solar panel replacements, water maker upgrade and finishing off of ROAM's interior.

Episode 21 Part A sees Mick and Liss sailing double handed across Bass Strait. Behind the scenes provisioning and preparing the boat. We sail Sydney to clear Customs.

Episode 20 sees Mick and Liss alone on ROAM making their way home to Tasmania. We stop off in Sydney to give our sails some love, have a chat with Rob and Bruce at Ullman Sydney about sails, enjoy a health week on the NSW South Coast (surfing and mountain biking included) and cross Bass Strait!

Episode 19 sees Team ROAM make their way from Bunderberg, Queensland, Australia to Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia via a haul out on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.  Andy and Holly leave the boat to return to work over the summer and Mick and Liss give ROAM some TLC after our first Pacific season and then start sailing back to Tas.

Episode 18 Sees Team ROAM depart Fiji with new temporary crew member Branc  on board,and sail 1700 nautical miles over 10 days to Bundaberg on the Australian coast.  During the passage we take the opportunity to show you a little more about the crew and mix it with some amazing sailing.

Sail Surf ROAM ep. 17  - Episode 17 sees two members of Team ROAM get engaged on the beautiful Monuriki Island where Castaway was filmed. We all celebrate with friends Benn and Nic and have an awesome beach party. Then it is back to Cloudbreak for a massive swell and some huge waves are ridden.  Then we wrap up our Fiji season with a party at Vuda Marina and some last minute provisioning. Check it out here!


Episode 16 sees Team ROAM in Northern Fiji where we leave the water for a few days to explore inland Taveuni around Matei. Liss and Michael mountain bike to the stunning waterfalls with a scary rock jump whilst Holly gets her dream day horse riding up the beautiful coconut palm forest - Andy struggles along for the ride. Then we grab the bikes again and set off to the natural waterslides where a load of local children show us how to have fun. We are then ready to get back in the water and anchor off a secret break for a few days where we get some sick waves and have an amazing time before setting off back towards Nadi. 

Sail Surf ROAM #15 - Team ROAM surf hidden waves and dive with huge Bull Sharks.  Episode 15 sees Team ROAM in the Southern Lau group exploring Matuku where we mountain bike and surf a hidden wave. Then we head to Beqa where we meet Liss's parents and some great locals.  Holly has her birthday and we get her a shark dive as a present, watch as she dives with hundreds of Bull Sharks. The boys surf at Frigattes and then we head on the Vana Balavu where we find some epic scenery.  Whilst at Bay of Islands we go wake boarding around the stone atolls and then Andy dramatically crashes his drone! 

Sail Surf ROAM #14 - Twelve Tacks to Fulaga, Cruising in the Southern Lau Group, Fiji.  A Remote Paradise!!   Team ROAM Sail East against the trade winds to the beautiful Southern Lau Group Island of Fulaga, Episode 14 shows the amazing 2 weeks we spent there with the best locals you will ever meet.  We manage to get some amazing drone footage of the Fulaga lagoon, improve our kite surfing skills, live off coconuts and have a memorable church visit on Father's Day Sunday.

Sail Surf ROAM #13 - Exploring Fiji, Travelling up the Yasawas, New Friends and Learning to Kitesurf!!!!  Episode 13 sees team ROAM leaving the surf for a while and starting to explore the Western area of Fiji, travelling up through the Yasawa Islands.  Watch as the gang catch huge Walu, visit villages, snorkel with Manta Rays, learn to Kitesurf and make tons of new friends along the way.

Sail Surf ROAM #12 - 5 Days Upwind to Fiji, then 2 Weeks of Waves!  TeamROAM Depart New Cal in a 5 day crossing to Fiji against the trade winds then surf between Cloudbreak and Restaurants for the next couple of weeks.

Sail Surf ROAM #11 - Team ROAM finish their crossing to New Caledonia from Australia then spend a month in the first Tropical Paradise out in the Pacific for the boat!!  Plenty of visitors, fishing, surfing, kiting and some amazing scenery!!

Sail Surf ROAM #10 - Into the Pacific.  We leave Tasmania and let the weather set the path and dictate the destination as we make our way from Tasmania to New Caledonia via New South Wales.  This episode has a little of everything from preparing and sailing the boat in Tasmania, a Bass Strait crossing, cruising and surfing in NSW and finishes with an unplanned but amazing stop at Middleton Reef in the upper Tasman Sea where we Kitesurf and Dive with the place to ourselves! 

Sail Surf ROAM #9 - West Coast Tasmania, Strahan, The Gordon and Franklin Rivers and around to the Tamar.  Heading North up the West Coast of Tasmania, Team ROAM head into Macquarie Harbour and check out Strahan, then head bush up the Gordon River, take the tender up the Franklin and explore the wilderness.  Finishing off rounding the North West of Tasmania to the Tamar River.

Sail Surf ROAM #8 - Port Davey, Tasmania.   An amazing week exploring Port Davey fills up this episode. Team ROAM find some fun waves, great seafood, river exploring, mountain climbing, friendly racing on Bathurst Harbour and some of the best scenery Tasmania has to offer.

Sail Surf ROAM #7 - Following on from Episode 6 the gang get good waves in Surprise Bay on the South Coast of Tasmania, then head North to Hobart, Get ROAM out of the water in Margate for a fresh coat of anti-foul, Mountainbike the North South Track on Mount Wellington, and finally sail around the bottom of Tassie via Bruny Island to Port Davey.

Sail Surf ROAM #6 - The ROAM crew are home in Tassie for Christmas, Freycinet Peninsula Cruising, Cave exploring in Ile Des Phoques then South through the D'Entrecasteaux Channel to the wild South Coast in Search of Waves and isolation.

Sail Surf ROAM #5 - SAILING!! ROAM finally becomes a sailing cat, the gang hook up with Ethan from Pure Aerials in Cronulla to get some amazing drone footage. Sail from Sydney to St.Helens in two and a half days and a quick tour of ROAM.

Sail Surf ROAM #4 - After leaving Aussie Pipe, Michael, Liss and Andy dodge a storm in Jervis Bay, head to Cronulla for sails, mission to Pittwater for a new board from Hayden Shapes, and check out the Extreme Sailing Series in Sydney Harbour. Chuck in some surfing and a bit of rock climbing at Barrenjoey and it has been a pretty epic 3 weeks!!!!!

Sail Surf ROAM #3 -The Gang take ROAM to The Gippsland Lakes for some flat water cruising, then North into NSW to Moruya and Summercloud Bay for the best Waves of the trip so far in two days of barrels at Aussie Pipe.

Sail Surf ROAM #2 - Bass Strait, Mountain Bike Deal Island, and we get a mast!!!   October 2015 following on from episode 1 Michael and Larissa spend 3 perfect days exploring the Bass Strait islands with Joel, Rozza and Benn, then onto Melbourne where the 3 boys leave and ROAM gets a mast!!!

Sail Surf ROAM #1 - Home, Packing, and the Journey Begins.  October 2015.   Join Michael, Andy, and Larissa as they begin their adventure, with the help of Rozza, Benn and Joel they begin the journey to Melbourne for the rig.



ROAM Tech Support - Solar Power System .  See Michael's Blog for a Specifications list.

ROAM Tech Support - Hawse Pipes.  A short run though of our mooring cleat system by Michael.

Roam Launch Ceremony - 15th April 2015 - Speeches from Michael, John, and Lois Hoult. 

What's Your Angle?

A Review of ROAM's Sailing Ability at Various Angles. 

For a Full Rundown see Michael's Blog.