Adventures are what ROAM was built for.  To be able to set up in a remote area, with minimal impact to the environment and stay off the grid indefinitely.  

We carry the adventure equipment to get the most out of each place we go, in the water or on land.

We are constantly trying to find the balance of Daring and Safe the leads to the most FUN!

We let the weather dictate our next move, be it our activities for the day or which country we sail to next.  

The longer we travel the more we learn to slow down.  To take it all in and stay in one area longer, meet the people and learn the surroundings.  We have found that rather than rushing from one place to the next, by sticking around our experiences are far more rewarding. 

We have called home for extended periods places we could have not gone, we have taken family places they would never have gone and we have met many people who are now great friends. 

None of this would have been possible without ROAM.

If we ever cross paths by the sea, on land or via the internet be sure to say Hi! 

We are out here to connect with friends old and new to have the adventure of our lives :)

Captain Mick    

The Journey So Far

Adventures 2015

After Launch in April 2015; ROAM traveled over 1500 Nautical Miles as a surprisingly capable power cat achieving good cruising speeds and remarkable economy.  Her first adventure was a 200Nm South to Hobart for engine sea trials.  ROAM provided amazing accommodation for the Dark MOFO festival at Salamanca, Hobart.  After some local cruising on Tasmania's East Coast including the Bay of Fires and Michael had saved up for the mast, ROAM was motored across Bass Strait and the mast was stepped in Williamstown, Victoria in October 2015.  Then headed North with sails being completed in December 2015 and collected in Sydney.

Check out Sail Surf ROAM videos #1 to #4 for this part of the adventure.  

With the Sails fitted and ROAM fully operational for the first time Team ROAM came back to Tasmania for Christmas 2015 as captured in Sail Surf ROAM film #5  

Adventures 2016

January 2016 was our lap of Tasmania.  Amazing scenery the whole way round.  We will cruise for along time to top this trip.  Check out Sail Surf ROAM videos #6 to #9.  

Port Davey, South West Tasmania

Port Davey, South West Tasmania

New CAledonia - FiJI

As Winter of 2016 closed in ROAM headed North.  Our Crew of Andy, Holly, Liss and Mick.  We learnt to let the weather decide where we sailed and a trip to New Zealand was replaced with a visit to New Caledonia on the way to and unforgettable season in Fiji.  Check out Videos #10 - #18 for our first taste of a proper tropical cruisiung season.  

New Caledonia

New Caledonia

Musket Cove, Fiji

Musket Cove, Fiji

back to Tasmaina

The decision was made.  A season away had made us more hungry for adventure than ever.  We decided to head home, save up some $, do some boat repairs and head out again the following year for a bigger and even grander adventure.  Liss and Mick sail ROAM alone back to Tasmania and carry out some repairs along the way.  Check out Videos #19 and #20 for some realitys of owning a boat.    


New Zealand

Holly and Andy are back to the real world but for Liss and Mick this life is to carry on.  After not making it to New Zealand in 2016 a stop over there is the focus.  Check out Video #22 for our amazing month in the Bay of Islands.

French Polynesia 

An internet stranger now great friend Bobby joins Liss and Mick for the passage from New Zealand to French Polynesia to learn to sail! Tahiti and Moorea blow us away with their beauty and we stay to surf and experience the place.  Family and Friends join ROAM for their holidays and Marie joins the crew.  French Polynesia Videos Pending    

Moorea, French Polynesia

Moorea, French Polynesia


  • Distance Sailed
    • 17,200Nm
  • Engine Hours
    • 660hrs each
  • Furthest position South:
    • 43° 41.82’ S.  146°56.73' E.  Off South East Cape Tasmania 6th Jan 2016.
    • Crew = Michael, Liss, Benn, and Andy.
  • Furthest position West:
    • 8° 8.69' S.  144° 21.99' E.  Geelong Yacht Club, 22nd October 2015.
    • Crew = Michael and Larissa.
  • Furthest position North:
    • 16° 39.54' S.  179°51.91 ' E. Northern tip of Taveuni Island Fiji 23 September 2016
    • Crew = Michael, Andy, Larissa, Holly, Michael Brill, Jillene Brill  
  • Furthest position East:
    • 17° 51.57' S.  149° 15.10' E Teahupoo, Tahiti, French Polynesia 30th June 2017.
    • Crew = Michael, Larissa.  
  • Longest Passage:
    • Longest Passage Vuda point, Fiji to Bundaberg, Australia. 1590Nm.  9 Days.             Crew = Michael, Larissa, Andy, Holly and Bronc.
    • Second longest Sydney to Noumea.  1200Nm.  7 Days. 27th May 2016 - 3rd June 2016. Crew = Michael, Larissa, Andy, Holly and Iain.  
  • Best 24hrs:
    • 230.4Nm Upper Tasman on the 2nd June 2016.  Reaching in 20-30 knots of wind with 3 reefs.  Swapping between Genoa and Staysail or both as sea states allow.  
    • Crew = Michael, Larissa, Andy, Holly and Iain. 
  • Fastest Speed:
    • 22.4 Knots (surf).  North West Tasmania, in 25 to 30 knots of wind, 110 AWA, 140 TWA with 2 Reefs and Genoa, 20th December 2015.
    • Crew = Michael, Liss and Andy.
  • Fastest Speed, Flat water:
    • 16.9 Knots.  Approx 25 knots TWS.  75 AWA, 110 TWA with 2 Reefs and Genoa. Tavarua Island Fiji . 17th October 2016
    • Crew = Michael, Liss, Andy, Holly and Bronc.