Michael Hoult - The captain

The man behind the project, Michael has had the dream of owning a sailing cat since high school that would enable making the journey to the destination part of the holiday.  With the ideal boat built, with ROAM he is now able to bring his family and friends along with him.  Michael is an avid surfer and will be sure to find the best waves wherever ROAM takes them. Follow his blog here

Larissa brill


Co captain and Michael's fiance Liss, is an adventure and thrill seeker with a passion for health. Nutritionist and health coach with a love for getting creative in the galley. Roam is now her full time home, with 20,000 plus nm sailing on Roam, its safe to say boat life is her happy place.  Follow her blog here.


Estelle Leray

With a rapidly increasing knowledge of sailing (starting from zero), Estelle joins the ROAM crew with a fresh attitude, a good set of lungs for free diving, and a French passport to keep the translations running. Her physio, and French language skills will keep the crew in good shape and keep us from getting kicked out of French Polynesia.


Sam cannamela

Fresh out of uni, Sam finds himself on a one year adventure around the world before settling into the physiotherapy profession. After following ROAMs adventures for a few years, he mustered up the courage to ask Liss and Mick to be part of the crew.  Having had inshore and coastal racing experience he keen to get into some live aboard and offshore sailing.  


Andy Hoult

Called to action by his brother for the 2016 season in the pacific, Andy accepted the opportunity of a lifetime to sail the world in search of waves.  Andy is currently living a land based life back home on the East Coast of Tasmania.  You are likely to find him chasing waves and riding his bike in the mountains if not working as the town Pharmacist or chilling at his beach house with his friends. Follow his blog here.


John and lois Hoult - master builders

Dedicating most of the 6 years it took to the build ROAM, John will be on and off the journey, most likely present when the waves will be best.  Lois was invaluable during the build and will be part of the crew for some epic sailing adventures.  Have a read of sailing stories they have written here and here.


British traveller jumped ship in favour of ROAM for the 2016 season in the pacific, check out her own adventure blog here!



Marie-Audrey Dubois

Marie Audrey is a 24 year old french surfer, kite boarder and all round thrill seeker, living in French Polynesia. Marie joined us for 5 months in 2017, living on board Roam enjoying the surf, kite and adventure travel on board Roam. She completed her first off shore sailing passage with us from French Polynesia to Tonga via the cook islands. You can watch her YouTube video of her travels with us here.


and Friends...

Benn Richardson , Roland Keath, and Joel Brill.  On board ROAM off Deal Island, Bass Strait.   08-12 October 2015.

Kaidan Brill.  On board ROAM from Cronulla to St. Helens 17-20th December 2015.