We Head to Aussie Pipe, and Episode 3 is up!!!!

Sail Surf ROAM #3 is finished so jump over to the FILM page for a look!!!!   Starts off with some flat water cruising in the Gippsland Lakes, then we head North to the South Coast of NSW and score some pretty fun waves.  Would have filmed more but surfing is way too fun at Aussie Pipe.

Due to the weather forecast we left  Moruya on dark, aiming to get to Summercloud Bay at dawn, after Michael tried to do a jump in the Moruya bar we headed North, the wind was meant to be ENE so we just cruised on one motor at abour 4.5knots.  As seems typical here instead of the ENE breeze all day, a Southerly of 15 knots blew up at about 4am and stayed until about 5pm.  Making Aussie Pipe pretty much unsurfable...  Cleaned up on dark and just got better the next morning and the swell held all day with minimal crowds!! So many barrels....Not too much footage though as we don't really want to film too much when the surf is cooking.

Such a sick place with Summercloud Bay completely protected from the NE wind and the swell seems to refract to the break so it is perfectly calm with 4 foot waves on the point.

Next stop Sydney for the SAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!