My Journey Begins

After helping on and off for the last 6 years with the building of ROAM I expected only to be able to use her for occasional holidays.  It came as a bit of a shock when Michael asked me to become a full time crew member on the adventure for as long as it may be.  Luckily for him (and myself) I have no real connections (work, debts, relationships) that could hold me back from such a trip so after a bit of fiddling with getting out of the work I am currently doing it is all systems go.

Not being the most accomplished sailor there is, I am approaching this trip with a certain amount of fear, however I generally find that the most fun is obtained with a decent level of fear involved.

In preparation for the trip I have been improving my collection of camera equipment.  Most photos you will see on the site except for the occasional phone pic will be taken with my Canon 60D, recently I added a 10-18mm lens and a directional mic to my kit so should be able to make some decent high quality movies.  We will be aiming to include a good amount of surf, travel, sailing and some technical aspects of the boat in these vids.  But will just have to see how we go once we get under way.

Also I have been reading a fair number of adventure sailing novels to get myself in the right mindset, hopefully these don't make me think I'm a writer and start rambling in blogs.

So here it is, my notice is given, work will be finished at the end of October, this will mean I will miss the first crossing of Bass Strait and the stepping of the mast (due to happen early October) but hopefully by the time I am aboard we shall have a fully capable sailing cat.

Also have been collecting a decent number of instruments for the ROAM family band...

Also have been collecting a decent number of instruments for the ROAM family band...