Sail Surf ROAM Ep. 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sail Surf ROAM Ep 15 is online now!!!!

Team ROAM surf hidden waves and dive with huge Bull Sharks.

Episode 15 sees Team ROAM in the Southern Lau group exploring Matuku where we mountain bike and surf a hidden wave. Then we head to Beqa where we meet Liss's parents and some great locals. 

Holly has her birthday and we get her a shark dive as a present, watch as she dives with hundreds of Bull Sharks. The boys surf at Frigattes and then we head on the Vana Balavu where we find some epic scenery.

Whilst at Bay of Islands we go wake boarding around the stone atolls and then Andy dramatically crashes his drone! (Filmed 15 September 2016)

Sorry about the late posting of this one, Holly and myself have been working hard to transfer our films over to YouTube, which is a bit trickier than we first thought.  With difficulties of song choices and copyright we had to change a few out.  This meant however, that in the re editing, we were able to add some voice overs and introductions to make the older films flow a bit better.  If you feel like checking out the start of our trip to now they are all available at our NEW YouTube PAGE here!!!

We have just been parked at Cloudbreak for the last few days for a pretty solid swell!!! Couple of bombs were ridden and some good footage that might sneak onto Ep 16 but more likely onto 17 prior to the trip back to Aus.

Thanks For Watching!!!!!