Happy 1st Birthday ROAM

Happy 1st Birthday Roam!

Congratulations on your first year afloat. 

We have a present for you… its Freedom!  

Its our way of saying thanks for changing our lives.  

As of this weekend your crew will travel with you wherever you choose to take us… indefinitely.

That’s right, jobs have been quit, cars sold and houses rented.  Your crew have cut the ties and Roam is now Home.    

With our eyes on the pacific we are going blue water.  You are free to Roam.  Free to sail full time. 


Mick, Liss and Andy 

As a little update since we got back from our lap of Tas at the end of January we have spent our time with our work hats on.  I have spent most of my time at sea working on a construction ship in Western Australia, Andy has been running the Pharmacy at St. Mary's and Liss has had all her hats on, Personnel Trainer, Hair Dresser and book worm with her Nutritional Studies and work placements.  All the while we have been busy with "boat jobs" and getting ready to go.  Not long now!!