We received a substantial message on our facebook from "Nick" who was interested in the commitment it takes to build a boat such as ROAM.  Instead of replying in message form we thought it would be easier to give him a call and have a group chat about it.  

Here is the outcome.   

And here is Nick's original message around which the chat is based:

G’day Michael,
In my ongoing research I recently stumbled across your page after buying the latest Australian Multihull world Magazine and your journey with ‘Roam’ to this point is nothing short of inspiring.
I’ve found digging through your website blog posts, videos, and DIY yachts build thread very interesting, informative and as I’ve said it’s inspiring me to embark on the same sort of journey. Going on 25yo myself and being pretty well established professionally/career wise, picking up an interest in sailing in the last few years(I have a long way to go..), and a keen surfer (mind you nowhere near the level that you guys are at!), I also feel I can relate to your motivations for embarking on this more so than the older generation of sailors/builders approaching retirement and cruising the world then, which is what most of these sort of blogs tend to be…
I’ve been humouring this little (big…) idea in my head for the better part of the last 12 months watching numerous builds, reading many blogs and watching 100’s of videos of people on this journey, and though I have read your Q&A in the magazine, I am just curious as to your experience in coming to the point of pulling the trigger, ordering the plan and kit and committing yourself to many years of hard work to achieving a dream while balancing all other aspects of your life.
It just seems so unreal and unachievable with the common sense monkey on my shoulder saying “Nick you’re crazy” as well as friends and family…  I’m sure you must have gone through similar thoughts and pressures before going ahead with this? Did doubt ever get the better of you and you put the ambition to rest for a while, and after embarking on it was there ever any points where you just thought what the hell have I gotten myself into? 
I’m also curious as to your journey in picking the design. At the time of buying did you have clear vision of what you were hoping to achieve with the yacht in the sense of where you’re hoping to travel with it, your live aboard dreams etc.?
 In the article you made mention to the fact that the time and financial pressures were the least enjoyable part of the whole project, in saying that was it what you expected or significantly worse? How did this test your resolve to continue with the project? The nautical miles of under sail travel you calculated to offset the cost of sails in diesel is pretty daunting! I gather they were not the cheapest sails you could have gone but they certainly look the part! It’s certainly a factor in me looking for a slightly smaller design to reduce costs, Arrow 1200 and 1350 from Schionning designs are my picks at the moment.
I’m really trying to understand for myself if this is an “idea” I like the sound of  and seeing this through to the end state is a wild dream or if it’s actually something I am striving to live and breathe like you are.
Any further insight into your experiences would be sensational and I look forward to following your journey as you set off across the Tasman.

PS Sorry for the Essay!

Maybe more podcasts to come if people have interesting questions!!

Mick and the rest of #teamROAM